Cats documentary notes

3 key methods of note taking
prose notes –
most detail, full sentence, paragraph
Keyword notes
take brief notes and then research the keyword or use them as a trigger to remember
effective during lectures
Mind map
Colouring coding mind maps can help associate different topics with the colours
Note making tips –
don’t copy the whole original text
not to detailed but also not to brief
looked to cluttered
use headings
new page for different notes
bullets points can greatly help organise
 bob tv hull college resources
Game design documentary –
BBC two show HORIZON
talking about how games are evolving through the times
the controversy surrounding them
is it all true?
can video games turn us into aggressive monster?
self control impaired
what do they do to our brain
hidden benefits to games?
Has dramatic music playing
shows different types of video games
statistics uk biggest industry in europe
talking about stereotypes
more gamers over 35
half are female
popularity on rise
something for every taste
headlines on news such as corruption
tradiotnal media tabloids tv – bubble up when something controversial happens
1997 3d graphics emerging, complete game by killing all pedestrians can win – carmigedon
Argues don’t mean anything
can exposure to virtual violence change the player? make you violent if you play violent game?
craig anderson
1990s can violent game make violent in real world
20 years been studying
1 kind of game or another, impact on emotion?
game including more violent themes and more popular
brad works with craig studying the effects
different from violent media because you have to pay attention
directly tied to violent character
same perspective in shooter
rewarded for acting aggressive in certain types of games
participant believe that they are hurting another person but are not
play violent or no violent game
then measured using equipment
see the effects
competitive reaction time test
tell the participant going to compete for reaction times
who loses gets a blast of obnoxious noise winner doe snot
get to chose how serve the noise blast is
that is the measure of aggression
research groups how different was such as electric shocks
hot chilli
ice water
all used for level of aggression
did not matter which one – play  violent game increases aggression form 4% to 9%
shifted dynamics made odds a little higher – more likely to give aggressive response
change the way they act in the real world –
used college students
random assigned to pay very violent game for 20 min
then other non violent
two measure
heart rate
skin conductionce
markers of stress or fear
showed them real clips of violent scenes after the game
such as shootings or prison fights
people react differently
would the group playing the violent game be disturbed less? found less of a reaction than the other who played the non violent game
desensitised them to violence, tends to have the person to think more aggressively more accepting of real world violence
chrism fergison –
video games should have a very obvious evidence
due to more violence but youth violence is falling in US
which does not correlate to the popularity to games
gun violence youth violence non correlate
change in parenting practice or schools?
one correlation has an immediate decline in violence when new violent video game comes out
young guys who have violent tendency but play game sit takes there mind off it
so if they stay inside they have less opportunity to act on there violent traits
family environment is a factor personality traits
do games promote violence
his studies say no
growing group academics believe this study also
divison is rarely mentioned in the media
media sensationalises games violence due to misunderstanding
ion has worked on for over 40 year including tomb raiding
argues that many have not played games who judge it
high emotion come through such things like politics or a football match
tim schafer
argues about comic books and movies now video games are the new thing to blame
andrew psychology of motivation –
not one straw that breaks the camels back
could be a number of factors
they have a different experiment
could it be something else within the game?
Using tetris  which is not violent
similar game called – bastet
it does not play fair
algorithm gets the hardest piece which is the worst possible piece
before playing all had discomfort of ice cold water for 25 secs
they had a choice after
bastet had 7 more seconds in water than those in the normal version of tetris
caused by something else- frustration
what is it about the game that makes someone feel like that?
is there a build up on the game as they play?
all have failed in proving a conclusion
rene weber –
scan brains as they play
distinct pattern of playing
non and violent interaction
such as maze or killing opponent
one clear response usually omigtala but was not
 found cortex surpass to violence
has effect on brain definite proof but not conclusive
simone koon
not unique to games
regulating emotions
always occurs when modulating emotional response
does not proof it can make us violent in the real world
95% suitable for under 18s
more types of game for different people
transport you to another world have an emotional connection to it
south korea
pathilogical addiction to games
mark  expert on addiction
depends on the rewards systems
psychological rewards such as the stragegy working out
online about working with a group
can negatively effects brain
delayed discounting
preference for a smaller reward in game over longer term such as studying
£11 pounds or wait for 19 in £30 days
preference for immediate reward compared to healthy volunteers going with the future reward
sophie shows normal response to reward even though her habits are excessive
scanning brain to register impulses
respond how quickly to shapes
medialfrontalcortex in brain how you judge a value of the goal, more impulsive have greater activity
activity is in the middle which means she was healthy
game addiction is less than 1% one person thinks, do not link excess with addiction
everything in moderation, game can be addictive but not in the scientific sense
minecraft being used in schools for children to express their creativity or can be used for people to learn new skills
uses wii with a specialised accessory which this game helps surgeons practice there dexterity
normal methods have no mental challenge
younger surgeons have better skills
game was designed to train surgeons
those who do well within this game do better with surgery
could video games be good for us?
public take test to measure attention
most smiling faces are yellow 1-6 can be blue
face then change to yellow
was the face yellow or blue?
highly demanding task
32 members
out of those the ones that play games are better at tracking
could normally track 6 rather than the normal 4
some games require extra attention over targets and some have you monitoring so constant demand shifting attention all demanding
does playing games effect changes in the brain
some people playing others are not in this experiment
increase in volume indicates some brains increase in the spacial navigation another strategic planning then fine motor skills
by playing mario it increased all these
people can transfer these skills into real life and can be beneficial to everyone
can improve cognitive abilities
can they be used to combat mental decline?
but pressure on game mechanics such as multitasking – could it improve these skills?
Have to drive car on road maintain on road also signs appear which they have to press button at right time and right colour/shape
increased multitasking and working memory
dividing options on violence
can be used for learning, increased cognitive abilities
ever increasing in popularity and only just now understanding the potentials

Cats notes 2

session aim – provide brief overview
sociological perspective
structural, conflict theory
men can be feminists s
concerned with exploring inequalities that exist between men and women within society from a female perspective and illustrate how males dominate social relationships and restrict the opportunities of women
1930s right to vote
Harry enfield: know your limits
Whats the message? is it satirical or is there an underlying message?
campaigners for equality for women bought about feminism
at the beginning of the 20th century, women were campaigning for equal rights in terms of education marriage employment and politics
second wave feminism emerged as a challenge to existing social theories which were male stream meaning dominated by male thinkers and therefore bias, sexist and packing in emotional focus and a female perspective on things
emmeline pankhurst born in manchester
housewife to mp and barrister and he agreed with her views
promote equality for women
led the British suffragette movement
fought and succeed in allowing women to vote
summer 1914 1000s suffragette had been imprisoned. world war was a turning point for the campaign.
women worked in factories  to work that men normally did
gave women over the age of 30 right to vote
1928 extend to all women over the age of 21
women earn average of 80% of what men earn doing the same job
women exploited by men
society is male dominated or patriarchal
perspectives of different feminists
radical germaine greer – Australian academic writer, journalist and scholar
feminist believe that men are the enemy and control, exploit and oppress women through the process of patriarchy
men give up their patriarchy
women exist without men and self reproduce
women keep their lives operate form men
abolish the nuclear family unit
marxist – 1970s a number of women began to draw upon the marxist theory to explain oppression of women in society
they do not see women oppression arising sole from patriarchy, but primarily from capitalism that forces the to be upped labourers and nurture in order to maintain capitalism
från ansley 1972 – believes that women suffer as a result of capitalism due to being the takes of shit
whereby hey absorb their husbands frustration at his powerlessness and status in a capitalist society
she argues that women act as a safety valve that ensures that capitalism continues and the bourgeoise remain powerful and wealthy
liberal feminism – more of a political movement
ten to citticse other feminists for ignoring the progress that has been made in society with regards to gender inequality
they are also more likely to agree that gender roles are also limits to men
ann oakley
focuses research on identifying discrimination and lack of equality of opportunity
difference feminism
3 branches of feminism we have sit considered tend to see women as a single group who share the same interests experiences and types exploitation
difference feminism that has much in common with postmodernism argues that women have a variety of interests and needs and are not single unite group
video game feminists
e3 – having women trying to attract male attention
dirt racing game women was covered in dirt
women used as sex symbols within games

Cats notes

2nd may part 2
essay 30%
2000 word essay
turn it in online submission
10% word allowance
independent study priority
try using books
15 weeks
learning outcomes
  • comparison essay 2000 words 
  • analyses 
  • text seminar reflection
  • overall presentation
research what is an academic argument and how to writ from a crucial perspective
marxism and feminism within the gaming world
make a blog to evidence that I have researched academic argument and crucial perspective
1818 1883     marxism theory
found  of communism
equal society where everybody lived equally
rich and poor conflict
anti thesis – thesis
find two games with ruling class and two for feminism
gta franchise
bioshock infinite
karl marx
overthrow class system  flee germany
modern work is alienated
workers need to see themselves in the object they have created
modern work hard to find the progress you have made and what you have contributed
won’t be cast out with communism
shrink wages of workers
capitalist see progress as a reward
theft robbing people of what they could create
crisis created from abundance rather than a shortage
few of us actually need to work
unemployment should be called freedom he arguess
marriage was an extension of financial benefits – commodity fetishism
economy creates idioogly
person who doesn’t work is worthless
world without private property, centralised control banking
he wanted everyone to be what they wanted
Karl max was born in 1818 and died on 1883. He was the found of communism , which started by his theory Marxism. Karl fled Germany in order to overthrow the class system as he believed that everybody should be equal and nobody should be singled out. Due to how humanity was progressing he  saw that we became so efficient, that many had trouble getting work and that it would become an even larger problem in the future. Another dilemma of this is how because they are so many of us, it is hard for a single worker to see their contribution to humanity leaving them feel worthless.
He also talks about how capitalism weaved its way into society creating barriers between classes causing an incompatibly of sorts with lower, middle and upper all been distinct and separated only by money.
different types of weddings –
  • religious ceremony
  • civil ceremony
  • formal wedding
  • informal wedding
  • destination wedding
  • cruise wedding
  • eloping
  • group wedding
  • double wedding
  • military wedding
  • proxy wedding
  • same sex wedding
north Korean
wears red wedding dresses instead of a western white dress
has chickens at the ceremony
not familiar with honeymoons
why are weddings so expensive
don’t tell the bride
quote as beautiful as you are

What is new media?


What is new media?


In this essay I will be talking about what new media is, how it has evolved and changed over the years into what it is now and what it could become. New media has effected nearly everyone in some kind of way whether it is from a T.V or their computer at home and I’m going to digress the effects and influences of this. I will look into the research by Marshall McLuhan; a communications theorist who looked into how we use tools to extended our senses and abilities. I will also be looking into Vin Crosbie’s research and the three ways of communication.


Before we go into new media we have to understand where it came from. Radios covered cities from after 1920’s and newspapers before that. Due to radios being able to reach a great distance almost instantly, it was a great medium for allowing news coverage to spread faster than ever before and in new media that is even more prevalent now. Newspapers have largely transitioned to the internet and many radios have gone digital too. This is partly due to the fact that many people own a smart phone. In fact, according to eMarketer over one billion people owned a smartphone and that was in 2012 alone. Now that many people have devices that allow us to share our thoughts and


Marshall McLuhan was the first major communications theorist, and wrote a book called “medium is the massage” which focuses on how the medium influences us all and the effects it has on us. Marshall says that the medium is anything that extends or enhances ourselves which would not normally be possible without such a medium. So for example, a telescope extends our sense of vision which means we can see things we would not normally be able to see without such technology. Marshall Also argues that because the medium can be so beneficial, we have an over reliance on them such as using a car to get us to places fast and timely. Due to it being so helpful we tend to forget the effects it has on us and the planet. Which means that the pollution caused and the obesity that could come from less exercise is overlooked due to how beneficial it is.

He also goes onto saying how desensitised we are to technology and the more time we spend with it can become dangerous. The Television for example, has been around for many years and we do not see it as been dangerous in a particular sense, but the message the TV sends to the viewers can change the thoughts and perceptions of what people think, couple this with the fact that over a billion people have a T.V and it can become a dangerous vehicle that the viewers are not aware of. News Companies can have their own agenda and put their own message into a story which has the power to control and manipulate what people think. Marshall also talks about how the medium can influence the message and medium can change so fast that it is often overlooked the effects it has on us until it become apparent years later when it is too late to do anything about it. An example of the medium shaping the message could be a news report about crime which could potentially lead many people to believe that there is a lot of crime happening in our society changing our social perceptions when in actuality, crime could be at an all-time low but we are made to feel like we are in danger.


Vin Crosbie argues how there are only three mediums and uses this analogy. This consist of land, water and air. Land is the first transportation medium due to being able to walk naturally, but vehicles were created to extend our ability in order to get to places faster. Second is water in which we created transportation vehicles such as boats, rafts from an early age. The last is sky due to the development of us creating planes, balloons, drones etc. Which meant sky was created by technology and was only recently possible when compared to the previous two. This analogy relates to the three types of communication which I will break down.


There is also only three types of communications that exist also with this view. They are known as Interpersonal median, mass medium and the new medium.


Interpersonal median is “one to one” and dates back to the days when humans first learned to communicate. In todays times technology has allowed us to extend our voice using transportation vehicles such as phones, so we can send a text message to somebody else and this concept is still one to one, sending a letter is also another example of this. By using vehicles such as these, we can we can communicate with each other faster and eliminate distance.  The advantage of this medium is that what you say to somebody face to face cannot get lost in translation like it could using many to many. By being able to see the body language and tone it is easy to understand, better yet, what they say can be unique and tailored to each other. The more people you add to the conversation the more likely the message is going to be lost and harder to control.


The mass medium also known as the “one to many” is the idea that one person who could be a leader for example, talks to many people at once in order to spread the message. Again with technology this has been amplified and become more powerful with this being able to spread globally across the internet via videos, articles people etc. The sender has complete control over the content and the receiver has no control over this which could be seen as a disadvantage. But an advantage could be that the message gets spread to many people very quickly and can be done without technology. There is a theory called the two-step flow which shows how the message gets spread to people. It starts by the mass media spreading the message to many opinion leaders. Then the opinion leader spreads that message to an individual or group which is how the message gets passed down from the mass media. One problem with this is that the readers that look up to and trust the opinion leaders could believe what the option leader is saying, but if the opinion leader’s source is incorrect or untrue then misinformation is spread. The mass media could use this to their advantage too, knowing how people trust their opinion leaders allowing them to control and manipulate readers. (see figure 1 for image)


The last is mass media which is only possible due to technology just like how I said above with only being able to fly with technology. This gives people the ability to send a message to many and can be spread infinity to others. This has many advantages such as being able to have equal control to the senders and receivers. One example of this could be a website you visit can be tailored to the content you like and could be entirely different to what somebody else sees due to different interests. This has a problem in its self though as it creates a bubble if you will, were the content you see is the only thing you will see and will not expand or look at anything new or different. What I mean by this, is that the internet is international and you can get content all around the globe but you may restrict yourself to just news in your area and nowhere else. It has its own set of problems such as a message could get lost in translation from is being spread from person to person losing its meaning, being manipulated and changed until the message has been perceived differently to what its originally meaning was. A new media vehicle may not just be a website though, it could be a game which people play.


Looking at Marshall McLuhan’s research and how he talks about technology being an extension of ourselves, extending our abilities like a car being an extension of our legs for example. I find myself agreeing with the views he has on this and brings up excellent points about how we don’t realise a mediums advantages and disadvantages until years later. A smartwatch for instance, the effects of long term use have yet to be seen – the way we interact with each other or the Bluetooth radiation it emits. Vin Crosbie on the other hand talks about the three ways of communicating and just like Marshall McLuhan I agree with this theory also. A T.V is just a T.V by itself but is a vehicle for media to be transported across, also the three ways of communicating like many to many make sense in the fact it is only possible with technology and has great potential and power. New media has incredible amounts of information and is still evolving and growing by people with new ideas every day and has many exciting possibilities.


Figure 1



Marshall McLuhan





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Reflection seminar of Walter Mitty

In this text seminar reflection, I will write about what the research written by Timothy L. Wilson and Peter Zackariasson on “Marshall McLuhan, video games and the secret life of Walter Mitty”.


After reading this I have come to understand that one could see two types of games. A conventional game that is more about using the game in order to fulfil your mind. This relates to what Marshall McLuhan said about media being an extension of ourselves and allows us to manipulate and interact with things that would have not been possible before. They also related it to The secret life of Walter Mitty were he has daydreams which takes place with different themes and they say how games are similar in that fashion to his daydreams, just like the dreams in games you will be in a different role completing different tasks.


The other type of game is an extension world. This is to allow the player a second life in a virtual world which can be a form of escapism. It allows the player to be whoever they want satisfying their needs and gives them a virtual life that they may not have in the real world. It correlates to the Novel Snow crash(Stephenson) which has people playing in a Metaverse and having a different life to what they have in the real world. The novel anticipates some parts of Massively multiplayer online games today and has influenced avatars in these game how they are today.