Vertex Painting

One skill I needed learn in order to make my vault look a bit more realistic, was a way to make the textures look worn, dirty and seamless. Part of this is to include dirt and grunge within the textures, so when you apply it to the object/environment it already has a specific look you wanted. This I have already started doing and improving by learning more of substance designer 5, where I can blend gradients with grunge maps. However, sometimes it is needed to add a little more detail onto the texture, whether that be a puddle on a floor, or dirt and dust on the lower part of the wall. Vertex painting allows this by plugging your maps into a lerp and multiply, along with a vertex colour node.Vertex ceiling material.JPG

Ceiling material that I have edited to be used for painting.

I can also make some textures look a bit more seamless, from two different ceiling textures connecting I can add a little dirt in between covering the line that breaks the two. One issue I have encountered is the way I have modeled the environment. Due to me not considering that I was going to use vertex painting, my models do not have enough verts for me to efficiently paint, or even paint onto the bits that I want to. This means that I will need to go back into max, add more verts to the model and re import which is of course time consuming.

This is something to think about for future projects when I know that I am going to use vertex painting, which means I can save time and make sure there are enough verts in the model for it to be effective. This would of course be the most efficient way of working. So now I am in the process of adding more verts to walls and models in order to take advantage of painting. This will be worth the lost time however, especially for major pieces like the floor which is something that will be seen many times, so adding a bit more detail onto it won’t go unnoticed. Vertex painting dirt onto cieling.JPGHere I added some dirt to the ceiling.

I have also started to vertex paint for our heritage project onto one of my buildings, adding moss in a couple of areas adding a bit more realism. This will now also allow me to add details onto the paths and tram lines, with materials I could create such as dust and dirt.


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