Unreal Engine inspiration

I recently came across a speed level design by a user named Maverick on Youtube, who has time lapsed himself creating a street in Unreal called “Overgrown Ruins”.

He starts of with a simple street but it quickly progresses into a lush environment.

Street.JPGHe also vertex paints the textures onto the road. destroyed buildings.JPGBuildings that are added also have rubble attached to them, instead of being added separately. terrain tool.JPGThe terrain tool was also used to block of the sections of the streets. The texture also changes realistically from a ground/mud texture to a rocky texture on the raised sides. By using unreals terrain methods you can create an area such as a street, and segment it off making the area manageable and believable. Something I need to consider doing when creating my project for my final year.

rubble.JPGRubble patches being added in modular sections. Moss being added to tram line.JPGMoss being added to tram line increasing the detail within the scene.

Different variations of mud being added.JPGDifferent variations of mud was also added to the environment. Wildlife.JPGThere is also wildlife in the city street drinking from a puddle, along with a radiation warning sign in the background which adds a little context from the scene. There is also a narrative being told through the vegetation within the scene along with the wildlife, giving the viewer/player some idea of the time frame since the destruction of the environment.

birds added.JPGBirds on the tram.Lighting was added making a huge different to the look of the scene.JPGLighting was added making a huge different to the look of the scene. This is something I need to work on, and consider a lot more often when working in Unreal. As it really can have a drastic change on the scene. Final look.JPGHere is the incredible final look.

Seeing something like this is certainly inspirational, and has made me starting thinking more about what I want to do for my final project, along with what techniques I can use to acheive this. Vertex Painting is one technique I have just recently learned, but even then I still have a lot to learn in that regard. Such as in this video he vertex paints grass which I do not know how to do yet. Everything in this video was already made, so it is important to remember that it would take a lot longer than this to make with assets, textures, wildlife+animations etc.


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