Vault Update 4

Since the last update I have started to experiment with the use of darkness. Due to it of course being underground, lighting is artificial with some light sources down there being more adequate than others. So in order to translate this across in Unreal I have been using the post process, mainly the sub setting called colour grading which allows me to tweak the contrast, brightness etc.

Darker look with post process.JPGHere you can see the post process settings in the bottom right hand corner.

lighting 1.JPGHere are two examples of how different the enviorment can look with a couple of changes to the post process. Lighting 2.JPGYou can see with this shot that it looks a little more atmospheric and darker, possibly adding a little more than what the other one did.

Creating dust particle.JPGI also created a dust material which I then put into a particle system. I can then use this is make the environment look a little more dynamic and believable.

Pattern needs changing.JPGI also removed the middle roof pattern as it looked a little out of place.

Editing door texture.JPGI have also been filling empty spaces and with papers and boxes, but I need more assets creating as these quickly become repetitive. Though I have used the darkness to mask a couple of these details which make it less noticeable the viewer.

I have asked a couple of people for options and many have mentioned the lack of dirt on the floor, roof along with others assets so this is something that needs addressing, and I do completely agree. To acheive this I am going to create a couple variations of dirt textures, then apply this in Unreal through vertex painting. I also need to model a few beams, pipes and lighting for the environment.




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