Vault Update 3

For my Vault environment, I have decided to import it into the Unreal engine in order to test how it will look in there. I was originally going to render out a video on 3ds max with a camera sequence moving through the vault, but but due to the amount of polys and my computers performance, it makes it difficult to use dynamic lighting on the high quality setting to viably continue. However, on Unreal this is not an issue so I should be able to place lighting within the environment, with instant, dynamic lighting results. This does not rule out rendering in 3ds however, as this is just to test whether Unreal would be suitable. Also when I transfer the max project to a separate computer the textures reapply themselves to the wrong objects, which does not happen on Unreal. I have started to import some of the scene and object, along with textures which is somewhat time consuming. I can also clearly see what textures need improving and changing. I have found that my roughness maps need changing and my brick textures needs improving dramatically. One thing I could make more efficient is how I transfer textures. After I have created a texture on Sub designer 5 I could export as a sbsar file, which can be immediately imported as a material in Unreal, instead of individually connecting each map up. However, this was not planned for due to me not anticipating using unreal.

Importing enviorments and textures.JPGVault Progress.JPG

progress 3

ProgressI am going to continue adding textures and objects and update with another blog on the progress.


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