Monument Building

In order to continue filling out the space for our heritage project, I decided to model the Monument building which was distinctly missing from our square. I started by getting a wealth of reference photos, some of which I’ll link here –

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Establishment shot overview.jpgI broke the building down into sections in order to understand how I could utilizing the modularity of the building, whilst also making the scale seem less daunting. I have also been trying to push for creating my own textures using substance designer, which I have been trying to use some more advance techniques with.

Improving brick texture.JPG

I created a good few variations of the brick, using two separate gradients going into a blend – one for background colour, and the other for a foreground grunge colour. Then masked with a grunge map allowing for a variation in the way it appears on the brick.

Brick testBrick test 2Brick test 3I had a good few variations and toned it down from the top, until I reached one that looked a little subtle in the worn down look. One thing missing is moss and other bits of dirt that it desperately needs to make it look more realistic. I have been looking into vertex painting on 3ds, but does not seem to intuitive. For example, I cannot see what I have painted until it is rendered. This could be a miss step on my part however. vertex paint.JPGI am going to import the building into unreal now and learn how to vertex paint on there, which should hopefully turn out better.

Mudbox progression.JPGDue to the building having a lot of intricate details, I decided to use mudbox in order to sculpt these out. But has turned out rather difficult to get the shapes I want. Still, this is one of the few times I have used it, with only really using it for creative futures for practice. I do aim to continue using this software, as it is one of the industry standards for sculpting and is widely used among 3d modellers.











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