Highscore screen for game

For the highscore screen I tried to watch a couple of tutorials in order to find out how to code this into the game. I found one tutorial on how to overlay a scoreboard over the top of a game, which would not work in my game but I gave it a shot anyway in hoping to find that some of the code could be used for the highscores.

Lower of equal points.JPGI used a load game from slot, which would allow me to retrieve the save game slot which had the high score on.

Load game from slot.JPGThe tutorial also suggested using a separate user widget, which would control the text and numbers for the scoreboard widget. Essentially controlling the formatting of the scoreboard.  In the end however, I could not get the highscore screen to work, but I did start to see how the save and load state worked, so it wasn’t all for nothing.

Player name and score.JPGHere is my old highscore screen which I changed to this – Highscore screen.JPGThis looks slightly cleaner to how it previously looked, but there is also a fair amount of wasted space, which could either look minimalist or to empty. I think putting a background image in there would fill out the rest of the space, to add a little extra to the look.

Shane  also helped me try to set up the highscore code but we could not get the game to load the save game state, with it overwriting the previous score rather than keeping the highest score saved.  Shane did help in relaying the points system to appear on the highscore screen by creating a binding of the number.

Highscore code.JPGThis gets the information from the points system within the ship blueprint, which connects up to cast to ship instance. Points to highscore text.JPGMy next step is to carry on working towards getting the highscore screen functional, with the player names to be made editable, along with trying to figure out how to get the highest score to save, without being overwritten. I would preferably want to have the top ten highest scores saved but I still don’t understand code enough to acheive this. Still, this project has made me become more comfortable with unreal, and I am picking up simple code here and there, but I’m still not progressing as fast as I would like and road blocks still prop up regularly with what I want to acheive with this game.  So I may start a separate project not related to this game in order to learn more about code, without being confined to specific bounds such a ship selector screen,  with very specific camera movements and player interactions.





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