Island project

I decided to start another project to further advance my 3d knowledge and skill set. After looking at other peoples portfolios online and on poly count, it motivated me to create something different to what I would be usually be making. One of my recent blogs I looked into how some artist create a small scene which look great for portfolios, so I new I wanted to create a scene of some kind with that in mind. In the end I decided I wanted to create a floating island in the sky which featured, well, I didn’t know to be exact but it just came to be as I continued modelling. I was originally going to have it as some kind of oasis, with a waterfall and a river flowing through, along with trees and a cabin. But I somehow ended up with a wild west setting, with a saloon and a train line cutting through the middle. A slight deviation from the original idea to say the least. I accumulated a bunch of images on Pinterest which can be found here –

The project is not finished yet and I’m unsure whether I will have time to texture it, due to managing time with the other modules. I also don’t know what style to go for, I’m torn on whether to go a more cartoony style like a Blizzard game, or whether to go for a more realistic style.

Here are a couple of early renders of the progress of the project so far –

Render 2.jpg

Render 3.jpgRender 5.jpgRender 6.jpg



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