Biplane Textured

After modelling my Biplane the other day, I was going to leave it un-textured and just leave it as it. However, I decided against this as one of my weak points is texturing, so I decided to go ahead and texture it for more experience.

I did not particularly come into any difficulty unwrapping the plane, as I tried to build most of it modular making it easier to unwrap. I did however target wield seams within the unwrap, which I was unaware you could do until now. using target wield for seams.JPGI also used Marmoset Toolbag for a couple of renders, but I had forgotten that you had to invert the roughness map due to how the software works. This explains why the plane did not look as glossy as I would have liked, during the first couple of screenshots. Invert for gloss.JPG

Here are a couple of screenshots from Toolbag –



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Number one I had a very low gloss value, but after increasing the value it allowed me to achieve a more realistic look on the biplane, as you can see by the second image.

Here are a few more renders from 3ds max –

glossy render 6glossy render 2glossy render 4glossy render 5

I am fairly happy with how the project turned out, but I do think I could improve on the textures by quite a bit. For example, the lines on the wings don’t fully align due to way I painted them on, with Substance Painter. This is because the uv maps for the top and bottom where not fully aligned which caused this issue. There is also a lack of detail on the wear and tear side, with a lack of scratches and dirt. I added a little but are hardly noticeable to the finished renders. I do tend to rush the texture process a bit in order to get to rendering, which is something I need to slow down on and work more carefully over this process.



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