Biplane model

Yesterday, I decided to model a Biplane in order to increase my portfolio and improve my 3d modelling. I started stockpiling images of biplanes onto my Pinterest which can be found here –

I then made a start onto modelling the plane itself.

EngineI then started getting the base shape which was simple to do, by using a cylinder and scaling the vertexes at the end in order to taper it. I then added a cylinder onto the end and beveled it for the placement of the engine.Capturemodelling seating areaIn order to get the shape of the wings I used a cylinder and removed half, in order to get a semicircle shape.

WheelsI then modeled the wheels and then the cockpit. Modelling cockpit instruments.JPG

Renders –

render 7editedrender 4editedRender 3 editedrender 2 editedRender 1 editedrender 9edited

render 8 edited


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