Vault Update

In between other projects I have been continuing to texture the end section of the vault. On the last blog I made, the end section was not textured at all so I have made some pretty good progress. Whilst progress is slow with the texturing, I am now moving onto the corridor section, which will then lead onto the final rooms. Hopefully, from there I will have time to start modelling and texturing the area outside the vault onto the stairs and so on. However, this project is being extremely time consuming so I am somewhat doubtful of progress being made past the stairs bet we will see.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the progress that has been made –

Adding textured doors to roomsDoor textureIssues with texture referencing from moving filesHere I had trouble when moving the files from my laptop to my desktop. Some of the references for the textures messed up, which resulted in me backtracking re-referencing some texture files.

LightVault door texturedHere is the red vault door. Vault corridor.JPGRoom 2 fully textured.JPGHere is one room fully textured.

Room2.jpgHere is a render of the room. The light is a little to bright overexposing the shot, but also the door texture is lighter towards the top making the issue worse. I have re-edited the door texture so not it just needs re-adding to the scene.

Corridor shot.jpg

62% render.jpgHere is an unfinished top down render of vault rooms.

I am currently in the process of getting some higher quality renders, but of course they are extremely time consuming. I will update with another blog when I have a few better renders to show.



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