Updates to Heritage

I made a couple of updates to the Heritage projects today. I added a low poly barge, textured one of the buildings and re-exported the tram wheels allowing them to spin.


Here you can see the tram with lights added onto it –

Lights on tramAdding lightsWheels seperatedAdding lights to interior

Trams with lights.PNGHere are barges I made, though due to them being very low poly, about a 150, they cannot be too close to where the player is. So they are fine from a distance. I also created two different textures for them for some variation. I also collected some images of Barges which can be found here – https://uk.pinterest.com/sam137069/barge/

Barges in the distanceBargesediting with more post procceses.PNGI also edited the post process a little more to try and capture a more atmospheric look, though it may look a little too dark.Screenshot.PNGHere is also the building I textured which I have duplicated a couple of times, however, I am unsure on whether the brick fits in with the rest of the project. Possibly with some vertex painting I could achieve a more worn look on the texture.

Texturing building in unreal.PNGScreenshot of buildings.PNG

At the moment I am currently texturing the grey blocked building in the image above. I then need to re-export my bridge with the middle segments separated into two, allowing for it to be animated. Tram lines also need re-importing in with a higher poly, allowing for it to bend better when using the spline tool.


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