New Prudential build in Unreal

The other day I re-added the building into Unreal and created the materials for the building. I added the building in four parts, glass, south, east and tower. Putting rebuilt building in.PNGNewBuild within unreal.PNGDue to me using materials instead of a texture atlas, it allowed me to get a highly quality look, which was lacking on my texture atlased version. Whilst this is slightly less efficient, it will have very little impact on the system resources. The only things that need adding now are the doors and the gutters.

Using terrain to scult enviroment.PNGI also started to use the terrain tool in order to sculpt our environment out. Before we was just using the geometry from unreal as a place holder, so by doing this it can allow us to move forward in terms of finalising the layout.

Terrian 2.PNGWhilst it looks unrefined, Kyle has started to make the dock wall which will cover up the edges of the terrain.


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