Rebuilding Prudential Tower

The other day I decided to rebuild my Prudential Tower after a while of contemplating whether it would be worth the time. Whilst the building looked mostly fine they were a few issues with it, which certainly made it looked less refined. I new I could get it looking better. One of the mistakes I made whilst creating it, was building it on the angle the building used to be on. This meant that the south side was okay as it was on the correct axis but the east was not and the also edited the tower on different angles. This in its self is not a big issue as you would normally just correct its angle and just edit it from there, but I made the mistake of editing the poly on an angle skewing the shapes and making objects seem a bit off. It was not too noticeable, but it was there. Another thing was the textures, because I used a texture atlas the textures were not as detailed as I would have liked them to be, especially on the brick. If you got close it would look blurry, so I have used Sub designer 5 in order to create better looking materials. The entrance building on the east was also made in a inefficient way for polys and looked a little messy along with a couple of other mistakes. All of these errors added up, so I just decided to start a clean slate and start again.

I am currently in the progress of rendering without textures, and then with which I shall post on here soon. Purdential rebuilt.jpg

Render 2.jpg



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