Heritage development

For most of today I have been working on our Heritage project focusing on things I need to fix, such as lightmap for my building, or the floor texture. Since I built my building towards the start of the year, they are a lot of errors found throughout, one of the largest being overlapping uvs. This is because I used a texture atlas and overlapped the uvs where the texture was which works, but causes extra work like which could be avoided. I attached the whole building together and changed the uv channel to 2, allowing it to have its own uv channel for light.

Building Unwrapped for light map.JPG

After importing into unreal I still received an error of having 85% of uvs overlapping, so I headed back into 3ds and flatten mapped chunks of the uvs to see whether that would make a difference… which is didn’t. After some time later I deleted some materials which imported with the building which solved the issue. However, there are still some errors on the building with some darker areas as you can see below.

errors in build.PNG

light maps fixed by deleting materials which imported with it.PNGHere is the building with the corrected lightmap

Adding buildings.PNGI also started adding in some buildings I made to fill out the space, which I plan to texture soon. You can also see the incorrect lightmap before I fixed it.

adding crates.PNGAlso started adding a couple of crated assets I made a while ago.

Adding more crates.PNG

Editing coblestone texture.JPGI also took a photo of some cobblestone which I edited and used in Substance Designer.

importing substance designer texture.PNG

Looks a little to clean and bright.PNGWhen I imported into unreal it looked a little too clean so I decided to add some grunge to it in Substance.

Rain look.JPGSince it’s raining in our game I tried to add wet puddle look, using grunge and a roughness map.

Floor with wet look.PNG

Does not match bridge texture.PNGI also had to go back to my bridge to give it the same cobblestone texture.

Bridge raised.PNGI also created a variant of the bridge raised, but I am going to try and animate it for a seamless transition.


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