Vault progress

I am making good progress on modelling the vault, but one oversight I have made is not uv unwrapping the models as I go along. I was planning on uv mapping everything at the end, but do to its larger scale it would most likely be easier for me to Uv map as I go along. So for the past few days I have been Uv unrapping a couple of objects here and there, along with creating the textures for them. Hopefully by working this way it should make the project run smoother in the long run, but also save some time. As for texturing I am using substance designer 5 which I have used to create the brick wall up to now, along with substance painter 2 allowing me to paint on details such as scratches and dirt onto steel.

Along with texturing, my next task is to model the ceiling which I have not looked into to much. The model itself should be easy to do but I will need more references for this to see where the height changes on the ceiling, along with any patterns that are on there.

Here are a couple of screenshots and renders showing the progress –

development renderVault door renderDevelopment render 3Development render 4



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