Graphic design lecture

I decided to go to a graphic design lecture to learn the basics of type and how I can create my own type in Illustrator, and then using Photoshop to enhance the look and effect. The skills I have learned in this will help me improve the quality of my work in other modules, especially with Game theory and my Planet Hopper game due to the neon sci-fi look we were taught in this lecture.

I gathered some notes but not a great deal, still, I’ll post them hear anyway.

  • Modernism –
  • After the war modernism was used heavily – focused on being together
  • Swiss –
  • Structured
  • Clear
  • Form follows function
  • Postmodernism –
  • 70s with punk rock movement
  • Rejection of being together, all about the self
  • Taking graphic design rules apart
  • Peter Savil Fac 1
  • Jamie reid – sex pistols art
  • David Carson changing up typography, deconstructing
  • Icons and meaning
  • Nike: The tick – positive reinforcement
  • Though not actually a tick, more like a path going forward.
  • Metallic suggests movement
  • Research into Sean Freeman
  • Dirty harry cover
  • Jessica Hische
  • Packaging
  • Illustrator work back to front layer wise


Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 17.47.50.pngOn Illustrator, we used the shape tools to create ellipses then we cut through the middle using a smaller ellipse and the layer system. Then we used a divide tool to cut the shape into the desired segments, which then allowed us to create more custom type.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 18.25.17.pngThen we moved over to photoshop and imported a gradient fill of the type, and one with just the outlines. We used a few techniques such as the Gaussian blur on the outlines, along with a coloured overlay to get the desired neon vibrant look.

Photoshop Practice .pngI decided to use purple and blue to achieve this neon look, along with some small electricity bursts which was creating from a small point paint brush.

I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was by using a few different processes and software, in order to get this desired effect. I am going to practice this method more as it does not look as good as it could, for example, the gradient could be improved to blend the different parts of the letters better.




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