Client work

Recently, I was given the opportunity to undertake some client work for Burstall solicitors with the task being to model the interior of the building. Specifically, the underground vault which consists of multiple rooms full of files, boxes and other anonymities in a space full of history and interest. I headed there today to survey the area and gather reference photos, so I brought my camera and a small journal for drawings. As I referenced the area it was rather overwhelming trying to capture all the details that were presented in front of me, from the intricate details of the multi-layered vault door, to a small hole in the floor covered partially by a pavestone. Due to the vault being littered with small details it made it difficult for me to take a step back and take it all in, which meant that my references have suffered as a result. I need more photos of the general space, such as more corridor shots that make the layout clearer, along with the door positioning’s. It would have also been handy to have drawn the layout of the area as a basic floor plan whilst I was there, but I only used my journal for rough measurements. A tape measure would also of have been very useful, and I wished I recorded walking through the area on my phone for a reference on the layout. I am almost certainly going to have to go back for more references to clear up the issues I have, but I can go back now with a clearer focus and have the advantage of knowing my mistakes.

I have also just started to grey block the area, making sure everything is in proportion and the layout looks accurate. Since there is a lot of detail in the scene, my plan is to start at one side and start adding details to the low poly models in the scene such as the doors. Then move onto the assets in that area, along with wall details and ceiling details.

Update – 

Grey blocked layout –

Grey blocking.JPG

Grey block 2.JPG

Grey block 3.JPG

Grey block 4.JPG

Grey block 5.JPG


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