Texturing tram

Recently, I have been going through my level design work to check what needs texturing. The next model that needed texturing was the tram, which I have been putting off for a while due to the time it would take to uv unwrap. which admittedly, did not take as long as I though it would once I got a technique going for the unwrap process. Before this model I used to unwrap by allocating an object to a specific place on the map, then trying to remember where I left it for the next unwrapped object. Of course this is not the best way of doing it and I wasted sometime trying to do it like that, which is why I changed it to adding it to a Photoshop file, then adding that image to the unwrap screen like this.


By working like this, it not only saves time in the long run but I can clearly see where everything is. It is infinitely better than how I was working before with the texture process. They are a couple of errors in the uv map above which have been rectified now also.

I also allocated one atlas to the outside and one for the inside for better quality, though ideally each different component would have it’s own full uv map for maximum quality.

Texturing outside first.JPG

missed uvs.JPG

logo better quality.JPGI also used a photo I got from the transport museum for the tram, by cutting it out on Photoshop then using a fill layer to apply it to the correct uv.  tram transport muesum logo.JPG

glass material.JPGI also made glass in Unreal for the trams windows.

putting tram together.JPGOnce I finished texturing in Substance I put the tram together in a modular fashion, with the exterior, interior and glass.

The normal maps on the tram are a little to high and some more detail and dirt could be added. Also some small errors such as the yellow strips going round do not entirely line up, so these will need editing. Other details such as a number and a letter on the white boards needs to be added, along with some more interior detail such as lights and a ticket box. The roughness map has also been disabled for now, due to a wet/melting look which did not show on substance painter, so I need to research into why it is appearing like so.


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