Creating website to show 3d portfolio

In order to improve the presentation of my portfolio I decided to create a website on wix. The website it codeless allowing me to get straight into tailing my website the way I want it, quickly and easily. I looked through a few templates which I could use for my own, then add things I wanted onto it. Looking few a couple going back and forth, I really liked the 3d designer portfolio which is pretty perfect for what I was looking for.

Looking for templates.JPG

Adding images to home page.JPGI then started to add my models into segments, with this tank being one, then adding my boat underneath with a button allowing them to go to there respective pages with more pictures.

experimenting-with-parralex-effectEditing for mobile.JPGI also realised the mobile version looks drastically different so I had to edit the format of this too. Creating about page.JPGimproving-renders-for-websiteI am also going through the process of re-rendering some models due to the quality not being high enough, though this will take a few days to do with render times.

boat-for-next-segmentI also noticed some mistakes on my models so I have gone back and rectify these errors.

You can find my website here –


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