3d practice (Tank)

The other day I decided to make a model to practice 3d, I initially wanted to model a futuristic tank but after working on it for sometime I changed my mind. I could not model the shape I wanted for the tanks body, which lead to me rushing the model and creating something I was pretty dissatisfied with. I did not intend to spend a lot of time on it I just wanted a simple tank model, but the more I got into it it quickly took over my weekend.

After researching into a couple of tanks and looking at some images, I saw a World War 2 Sherman tank I liked the look of. Like the first model I had trouble for a fair amount of time getting the shape of the tank. I used to some reference blueprints of the tank but still had trouble trying to curve the polys around. Using reference images.JPGUsing plane to get shape.JPGHere I used front view in order to get the mold of the shape using a plane. Capture.JPGOut of the whole model this is where I had the most trouble, trying to get the shape of the tank. It took a least a couple of iterations of this process to get something that I was happy with.top down.JPGI tried again but this time with the top view.

FFD.JPGI then started getting some basic detail down.Basic grey block.JPGBasic grey block of the Sherman.top shape.JPGHere I started modelling the top of the tank.

Using cylinder for more efficient poly use.JPGI tried again but with a cylinder to get a cleaner look instead of using a cube.Capture 2.JPGI then decided a cube would be better in order to get a more defined shape. Hatch.JPGBarrel.JPGI used the reference image to get the shape of the gun.Using proboolean to cut hole with cylinder.JPGcylinder hole.JPGI also learnt a new technique using pro boolean, which allows you to imprint a shape onto another. Here I used a cylinder to cut a hole into the gun, though I understand this method can create texture issues from research I have looked at.

Another technique for creating holes.JPGWhich is why I learnt another method which allows you to create circles with cleaner topology. Chamfer middle.JPGGun detail.JPGGun detail.Detail.JPGvents.JPGvents for the back.Using array to instance object.JPGHere I started to add the tank wheels. Capture 43.JPGI  added some of the mechanisms but some more detail could be added here.Track.JPGCreating a tank track along with links.Tread gaurd.JPGdevelopment.JPGTanks starting to shape up  a little now with some detail added.shovel.JPGadding curve.JPGMore detail to the tank body.adding crates.JPGI started adding some more details that make it feel more used such as these crates.Armour around fuel tank.JPG

Here are some development renders –


This project itself was intended to further improve my 3d skills and also to add to my portfolio piece. This is certainly one of my better models, but their is no doubt room for improvement with things such as consideration to high and low polly versions, more intricate details – especially around the wheels along with better poly optimisation. Though optimisation was not my priority due to it being more of a portfolio piece, I still wish I had taken better care with the polys incase I ever did want to use the model for anything, plus it would easier to texture. All in all, I have learnt some new techniques whilst creating this which will definitely help out with level design and game theory modules.


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