The 3d artists behind Battlefield 1

I have been researching different games to find out some of the artist that have worked on the 3d modelling side of things. This has been long overdue for me in all honesty, as I am not familiar with many of the artist names within the industry. So, I decided to make a swift change of that and start investigating. A few games come to mind when it comes into great looking assets and models, one of which in recent times is Battlefield 1. With stunning graphics and incredible immersion, I decided to start looking here for modellers and their portfolios. I found an article created by ArtStation which has a wealth of Dice employee’s portfolios from concept artist, lighting artist, to 3d artist. Since my ambition is to become a professional modeller I went straight to the 3d artist, to which I found six portfolios from various types of artists. It is also interesting to see a lighting artist which I did not know was a thing, so I am intrigued to investigate that area also.

The 3d artists are composed of Peter Hermanrud, David Olofsson, Johan Jeansson, oscar Johansson, Alex Sashin and Sebastian Salvo.

Peter Hermanrud was the lead weapons designer for battlefield, creating highly detailed and realistic looking weapons for the game. Whilst he does not state the process used to make them, it looks to be textured in something like substance painter or possibly in house software Dice has. Whilst I do not want to focus on weapon design, I still find the incredible detail inspiring.


David Olofsson worked on different assets within the game, but also, he had to consider how those assets would be destroyed and how that would look. This means that David had to think about what parts would be destructible and consider how that would be animated, such as the Behemoth ship, which he says, “features over 20 destructible parts and has an intricate sinking sequence”.

david-olofsson-davidolofsson-03.jpgHere is the Behemoth ship which David created.david-olofsson-davidolofsson-08.jpgHere is also another asset he created, which has different shaders meaning that it can react to the environment. So, if the vehicle is placed on a desert map, it will display dust and sand instead of mud and rain which you can see on the image above. David also states the software he used which is – Maya (3d modelling software), Photoshop and Frostbite Engine (which is Dices own software).

Johan Jeansson worked on creating the levels within battlefield, and is also a level artist alongside 3d. I have a big interest in this area as I am working on the heritage project – focusing on recreating a place, building, streets which is what Johan Jeansson is doing for Battlefield. You can see Johan has beautifully created streets and buildings with the latest techniques in the industry.


Oscar Johansson worked on the architecture side of things like Johan Jeansson creating assets for a multiplayer map. This is an area I am extremely interested in, creating areas/levels players will play/interact in which, making you consider how the level flows and what must be put there for things such as cover and how that needs to be balanced.

oscar-johansson-oscarjohansson-09.jpgHere is the multiplayer map St. Quentin Scar that Oscar Johansson helped make.


Alex Sashin has made various types of assets within battlefield, such as improving visual on a crashed aeroplane –

alex-sashin-alexsashin-10.jpgor other things such as this Fire extinguisher which has large a large amount of detail, especially on the label.alex-sashin-alexsashin-02.jpgAlex also states he uses Marvellous designer which I did some research and is software designed to make realistic clothing.

Sebastian Salvo made some destructible assets such as this building –

sebastian-salvo-sebastiansalvo-08.jpgand some highly-detailed weapon skins which the player can unlock with battle packs they earn.sebastian-salvo-sebastiansalvo-03.jpg

I have only just scratched the surface of the incredibly talented team at Dice, and they are no doubt an inspiration to me when it comes to 3d modelling. There models are highly detailed, using the latest techniques in the industry and are some of the best I have seen, and going forward I aim to constantly improve my modelling to a standard such as theirs.I also aim to look more into the people behind the games to gain a better understanding of their development process, but also the techniques they are using.



 Peter Hermanrud

David Olofsson

Johan Jeansson

Oscar Johansson

Alex Sashin

Sebastian Salvo

Marvellous Designer


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