Heritage progression

As we make our way into semester 4 our heritage project is starting to shape up with the main square grey blocked, but progress has been slow. With us all learning and been at different skill levels it means that some buildings are being textured faster than others, so there is a discrepancy between buildings and objects within the project. I for example, have just discovered how to texture with much better quality and efficiency with a program called substance painter. Which means that I could possibly go back and texture my building to a higher quality along with other objects, but this means I will need work out the time it will take to do this. This is because it will require me to edit my uvunwraps which can be a long process – then go into substance painter to apply or make textures to be applied to the building. But also the time I am working on going back and editing said models, I could be working on other things such as the monument bridge or texturing my tram. No doubt we will all go through this process during the project were we realise that we could make something better or improve it, but it raises the question of when to move on from that and carry on with a future task. Another thing we need to consider is the detail within the square which is lacking at the moment, and by detail I mean the wear and tear of what the buildings face every day. Rain leaving streaks down the windows, dirt getting splashed up onto the lower side of the walls from people and horses walking by, possibly vandalism to some of the buildings, especially as you get further away from the centre. Moss growing on the roofs from the lack of maintenance among others I could go on. But as it stands right now we do not have an awful lot of these things I have mentioned included at the moment, which means that it could easily break the immersion if we are not careful by having everything looking pristine. Here are some screenshots of its state currently –

Heritage overview.JPGYou can see that there is still a lot of empty space which will need filling out, specifically after the buildings where you can see the white grey blocks.Heritage overview 2.JPGHere you can see how the dock in the background which needs improving with detail, as of now it is just an outline of where the water is.Heritage overview 3.JPGVictoria statue needs completing, a couple of us including myself said they would sculpt different segments of it, which requires software such as Zbrush to make it efficiently and effectively. So I am going to get a hold of Zbrush and learn it in order to complete this task.Heritage overview 4.JPGA couple of us have made assets in order to fill out the space of the square, but we have not yet spread them out and duplicated them to various different places. So a small task such as this placing our assets in different locations could greatly fill out the empty space which plagues the square at the moment.

Issues with building.JPGI also need to carry on refining my building, due to issues such as my pivot points maligning and window materials that need making.


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