Monument bridge replacement

After my previous blog post on the bridge , I discovered that the bridge was rebuilt in order to accommodate the higher traffic from people and more importantly – the trams. So I decided to swiftly start on modelling and I aimed at using substance painter in order to texture it.

Here are the development shots of building the bridge –


I started by using the measurements for the previous bridge, then expanding the width of the new one. I had to estimate the size since I could not find any information on the new bridge, so I had to make sure it could fit two trams on and a footpath on each side.

making-fenceI then started making the fence which from the references I had, seems to have art nouveau like shapes running along the side.

using-helixfenceI then mirrored and instanced the helix shapes to make the fence.changing-sizedevelopmentHere you can see I added the mechanisms on the side of the bridge on each side which is used to raise the bridge for boats.

building-postI started adding post which where somewhat clear on the reference images.


top-detailI then started adding detail to the post.bridge-postanother-uv-map-error

I then tried to import the bridge into substance which is were I ran into a couple of problems like this.This was due to me missing a couple of objects unwraps and proved a little tedious. solution

I also had another problem where it would import, but some uvmaps would not appear(even ones that were unwrapped) and was related to them having different materials to the rest of the bridge.


uvs-showingHere you can see the uvmaps showing but the unwraps are not the best. using-maskHere I used a mask in order to fill a layer by selecting what uvmaps I want painted. cleaner-mapHere I cleaned up the maps.using-fill-layersscaling-textureI also figured out how to scale the uvs in order to change the density of the bricks because before the bricks were to large.

adding-rustI also started adding dirt and rust to parts of the bridge.

Here are some renders of the bridge in substance painter without any dirt or additional details.


One thing I have noticed is that when you get close to the floor, the detail on the floor texture loses its fidelity and detail which I believe is due to my uvmaps too small. I have also discovered this image today which shows incredible detail of the bridge, but also OXO advertising on the church(which was replaced by the Ferens art gallery).C0WoSbZWQAAsLJY.jpg

You can also see repairs being made to the pavement, along with a gravel road and what seems to be pavers for the pavement. I also have a conflicting date from the twitter account I got the image from  which says that this image was took in 1900, but this website says the bridge was built in 1905. Not a big deal since we are developing for 1930-31 but still something to note. I think I am going to start adding more details which I can see on here, along with an improved texture and possibly some repairs to the bridge.

Here are also some screenshots of the bridge in unreal with the trams on them –


Monument bridge reference image –

Textures used can be found on –


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