Monument bridge

The other day I decided to start modelling monument bridge with it being in close proximity of the square, this also gives us an opportunity for players to walk on it and possibly even across it depending on progress. Still, seeing trams moving across will greatly add to the immersion/experience.


I first started with some research, looking for the time it was built, how long it was there for etc. I also had a wealth of reference images from the Maritime museum as they have a model of the bridge inside, along with some information on the bridge itself which came in useful. During the planning stages I found that this bridge – IMG_20170104_134717.jpg

Was replaced by this one –


This was due to increased traffic along with trams which needed to cross the bridge which the old one could not support, which is why they rebuilt it and replaced it with this one. Just like the older monument bridge, it was able to raise to allow movements of ships to pass through. I also found that this bridge was destroyed 1932 though I have not being able to cross reference this. I found that the original was built in 1778 by the warden and was replaced by the newer one in 1905. They are also both Double leaf bascule bridges. According to movable bridges “the bridge could be raised or lowered in just 30 seconds with three men operating it!”

MonumentBridge1901 (618x412).jpgMonument bridge raising to allow ships to pass through, it could often be raised for up to an hour during busy periods.

I decided to model the old one due to the high number of reference images but I am also going to model the newer bridge today, which will be used in our heritage project game.

Reference images –

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Renders –

render-1render-2render-3render 5.jpgrender 6.jpgrender 7.jpgrender 8.jpgrender 9.jpg

As far as the measurements go the bridge is a little off, the in between road segments should be smaller after looking into further research. Also, detail is on the low side with things such as chains being replaced by the cylinders and other small details that have not made the cut. However, this bridge is more practice then anything for the main bridge which will make its way into the project.

Image credit –

monument bridge –

Monument bridge Raising-

References –

New bridge –

Old bridge –



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