Working on Heritage development

For environment I decided to implement a clouds material which I used for Planet Hopper. After creating the material I tested out some different sized meshes in order to get the right look, trying to get it as realistic looking as possible. I found that the larger the cloud was, the worse it looked becoming more unrealistic as the size increased to the point of looking like an alien invasion.

Implementing cloud into map.PNG

So I decreased the size and also used the matinee tool to have the clouds move across the sky. Though one issue is when they disappear and reset it looks unrealistic, so this will need concealing either by them moving into a bigger stationary cloud system or have them fade and disperse  which is the more realistic option. So I will research option two and try and implement this system into place.

Cloud gif.gif

experimenting with directional light.PNG

I have also been experimenting with lighting and trying to set a mood, by using the directional lighting I was able to achieve a look of a dusk/dawn look.


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