1930s Advertisements

For our heritage project to be considered immersive and realistic, we need to make sure that adverts are put in place. It would be absurd if we were to overlook such a crucial detail, so I am going to investigate and research adverts that appeared as that time. More importantly, adverts that appeared in Britain and hopefully if enough information is available, adverts that appeared within Victoria Square. Placements should also be considered such as what advertisements would go on a tram and what wouldn’t, the same applies for the buildings, boats etc.

I have found a useful website here –  http://www.advertisingarchives.co.uk/en/category/show_content_page.html?category=6 which has archived adverts from the 1930’s. They are all front of magazine covers but show us the type of style that was in trend at the time, whilst also showing us what was relevant at that time – such as smoking. Hull new Theatre would no doubt have advertising, though during the 30’s it can be presumed not on a high level. Maybe an advert posted here and there about there next play. It started in 1924 and faced financial difficulties until 1939 when it started turning a profit. Here are some advertisements that used to be used for theatres and plays –


Also with the great depression at it’s peak during the 1930’s, newspapers throughout the square could reference this, along with rationing tips and how unemployment rates are very high. This could also have a direct impact on how we design the citizens clothes, with a good majority having poor, dirty torn clothing with only a few with upper class suits/dresses. Cigarette adverts were also very common and would have no doubt popped up here and there within the cities. Many also stress how it is ‘good for you’ and ‘just what the doctor order’ for you throat.

1939-Craven-A-ad-2.jpgCoastal towns were also very big for tourism due to the lack of planes, which meant that trains was the way to go. This meant that coastal towns with nice beaches where big destinations for people to travel on holiday to. This meant ads such as these would be fairly common and could be implemented within our square, possibly on the Trams.






References –





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Theatre/movie posters


Cigarette ad –


Bridlington poster –




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