Using Master Sequence

For our Heritage project, we need to have a fly through showing what we have developed up to now. This allows us to present to others how our project is coming along, but also allows us to showcase our work to an external client, which may give us the opportunity for our work to be displayed to the public, such as as the Ferens Art Gallery for example. It is also a good development tool for us, allowing us to use the video as a marker. By being able to see how far our project has developed since the last video, it can show us whether we are working to schedule or behind, and also whether we are heading in the right or wrong direction as to whether it looked better or worse then before. Of course this is the first video, but if we made it twice a month, even just using the same video sequence it should be a good indicator of progress.

I started in Unreal by using the Matinee tool, which has now become legacy software since the last time I used it earlier this year. You can however still use it, but I decided to learn and use the latest standard – Master Sequence for creating the video.

img_20170131_102512Here is the legacy matinee interface.


img_20170131_111916Here is the interface for the Master Sequence which is used for editing camera movements, switching between cameras etc.

img_20170131_110523I also had a problem with the camera rotating back a 180 degrees when I rotated the camera past a -179. This is because after -179 it resets to zero which causes it to spin back, so I had to go onto rotation movements and manually move it past -179 to say -200 for example. I also set up camera cuts which allowed me to switch between cameras, so by the end I had four cameras throughout the scene.


One thing I did not notice until to late is that you are meant to use separate sequences for each camera, which then you can edit each of the shots on the sequence editing as you can see above. Instead I edited all the cameras on one sequence which gives me less freedom and more work.

Here is a compilation of gifs from the video –



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