Testing game on phone

I thought now would be a good time to test my game on a device, to see how it fairs in a real life scenario. After downloading the android sdk the set up was pretty straight forward, thanks to a handy guide on Unreal. After playing a few games I was surprised how well it worked, with the gameplay feeling smooth and the frame rates high. I did notice anomalies such as a grey sphere moving through the level, planets stacking up if you stay on one to long. Other issues include planets spawning to close to each other, and if you are fast enough you can catch up to the spawner which means that you have to wait for the next planet to be spawned in. Another thing I need to test it how it plays on older devices and were I shall cut the rest off. For example, my phone uses the snapdragon 821 which is the highest qualcomm has to offer at the minute, but of course many phones use older or different architectures to this. So future testing will need to be conducted along with how far I can push the graphics before it is to much for my target devices. Though, I don’t believe I will reach a point were it becomes to demanding, I just need to make sure the frame rate remains high but also consistent. This will take priority over graphics.

screenshot_20170203-154959_01_01Here is the sphere that moves throughout the level. I don’t know what it is, but I can only assume it is a mesh from one of the planets.

screenshot_20170202-221359For some reason also, the color was overbearingly red. At first I though this could be a possibility to do with my laptop screens color reproduction, but by changing some lighting settings and post process volumes I managed to get it down to a more normal level.

screenshot_20170203-154131I hooked up my laptop to my monitor which is far more accurate colors and they still did not look to different. So I believe the fog settings amongst others have caused this like I mentioned above.

Here is a gif of the gameplay on the phone. It is worth noting however, that this does not represent the performance due to the reduced frame rate of the gif.


Even though the game still has a long way to go before completion, it is still great to see it up and running on a target device and is certainly a great motivator in order to reach that goal.

What’s next?

  • Increasing difficulty as the game goes on needs to be implemented as I have mentioned on older blog post
  • A counter of the planet number.
  • High score screen with possibly online leaderboard support. Though I do not know the difficulty of this yet.
  • A ship selector screen. This allows the player to select and unlock different shops using possibly in game currency, or maybe by how many planets they got to. For example, when you reach the 50th planet you unlock X ship and the 100th you unlock another.
  • Visuals and ship textures. The visuals still look a little lacking, I think major improvements could be made to lighting, planets textures and atmospheres, along with background objects( stars, astroids, supernovas).



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