Using Substance Painter for heritage project

I decided for the light asset that I would use Substance Painter in order to texture it.

light-4light-with-dirtI also added some dirt to the bottom in order to make it look more worn and realistic.


The only issue I have is with the glass, but I know that you can create this in Unreal. How to do this I am not sure, but I’m assuming you can adjust a material in order to get realistic looking glass. I will check out some tutorials on the matter as my next step.

I am also going to import the gutters from my Prudential building and use the same method in order to get a realistic looking metal, whilst also being able to easily add dirt.

Update –

Here are a few renders of the gutter pipe that was rendered in Substance painter.

Gutter 1.jpg

gutter 2.jpg

I added a subtle bit of dirt to the lower section.

gutter 3 .jpg

I also added some dirt to the top section.


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