Practicing pbr with Ship

Today I decided to model a simple ship for my game, with the purpose of practicing using pbr and more specifically, Substance painter 2.



creating-seamsAfter modelling the ship I manually created the seams to avoid fragmentation from the flatten mapping.

using-subpainterI then tried getting to grips with what the different materials looked like on the ship.

glassI had trouble painting the glass due to it going onto the body of the ship if not careful.

using-layersI then remembered you could use layers which allowed me to delete paint that went over previous layers.

emissive-intensityI also experimented with the emissive map, which through some research I found that you can increase the intensity as seen above.

post-process-adding-glareYou can then activate post process which allows for such things as glare by tweaking luminosity and threshold.


I then found out I had used the wrong template so I had to start again using the settings above.

texture in unreal with right connections.JPGThen once exported into Unreal, I had to make sure the RGB connections were connected to the right maps from roughness. Red had to go into ambient occlusion, green into roughness and blue into metallic.

Here is what the ship looks like in Unreal currently.



Iray renders in Substance Painter

ship 2.jpgship .jpg



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