Tram development continued

Yesterday I continued working on the tram, checking for issues when importing into Unreal. I found a few from the stair well being hard to walk up, to some problems with the railing being moved out of position.

stairs sticking out in unreal.JPGHere you can see the stairs sticking out, along with the railing in the background misaligned going through the window.

Improving stairs.JPGI decided to remake the stairs, making them more consistent in height whilst also making sure there pivot points are in the correct place. Due to me mirroring them I believe it caused some issues with the pivot.

Railing dissoncected.JPGHere you can see how the railing is misaligned in Unreal by a large margin.

fixed railing by attatching in max.JPGTo fix the railing I attached the cylinders together in 3ds max.

Stairwell in Unrea.JPGHere is what the stairwell and railing looks like currently. I can now also easily walk up and down without getting stuck.

Here are some development renders –

Development shot 2.jpgdevelopment-shot-3

Render 17.jpg



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