Planet Hopper Title

For my game I commissioned an illustrator(Devon Bell) to create the typography for my title. By doing this it allows for the game to have a more unique look, and allows me to break away from the fonts in Photoshop and other already created fonts. Hopefully by doing this it will make the game look more stylized and unique, compared to others on the market making it stick out that little bit more.  For now, the illustrator wishes to credited in the credits for the game.


For inspiration we looked at various different types from sci-fi films.

screenshot_20170102-145042.pngscreenshot_20170102-145154.pngI liked the look of the War Of The Worlds type and decided to go with that style.

 img_20170102_145308.jpgimg_20170102_145406.jpgFor the type, I wanted the font to be swirly, with a trail from the P as the trail from the ship. I also wanted the O to have a ring around it to resemble a planet.

20170102_00001_001_01.jpgI decided to go with this draft and put it into Photoshop to see how I could get it to look.

Planet Hopper title screen.jpgI then edited the font by putting a color gradient on it. Then I added some asteroids and stars in order to fill out some space. I also would like to animate the title screen to add a little more life to it, possibly by making the asteroid move up and down a little bit and a shooting star flying by. As for now the type looks a little hard to read so we are making more drafts with a clearer font which I will update on the blog as they develop.


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