Presentation recap

At the end of our presentation we discussed the future of our development and where we are heading. One major part of our project which has not had much thought put into it, is our target audience and what they would like and expect from an interactive experience such as this.

Which leads me onto my next task – which is to research into our target audience and get some in depth analytics of age, expectations, what they want to see and numbers into the amount of people which will be in the city at the time. Especially important for VR, due to it being available for (most likely) one person per turn. This means we will need to consider such things as the time they are in the experience, balanced with the amount of people there and wait times. If it is too long it may turn people off and they stop waiting. Or we don’t do VR at all and just allow one person to interact and others watch until there turn. Potentially it could just be a fly through of the area with no interaction at all, or if we have two screens, one member of the public interacting whilst there is also a fly through playing beside them for people who do not want to wait, but want to see the environment. We also discussed the possibility  of a VR 360 video fly through too.

Augmented reality was also mentioned with an app being installed on a Smartphone or tablet, which shall give the public the ability to see the project through there screen, allowing them to aim in any direction and being able to see what was there in 1930. So they could hold it up in the middle of the square, and slowly pan as they see trams going by, lost buildings and stalls which once stood, providing an almost surreal experience if pulled of correctly. A downfall of this method is it relies on a smartphone, which means people will have to go out of there way to download and install which may be to inconvenient for many people.




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