3d modelling as a career

Part 2 of the creative futures brief requires you to look into the area you would like to work in, and formulate a response which is appropriate to that. Throughout my time I have been studying here, 3d modelling has been the one that has stood out to me above the rest. With that said I have looked into the possible options into making it a viable career path in the future, whilst also looking for inspiration from websites such as Sketchfab and CGSociety. I have also looked into freelancer websites such as freelancer and people per hour. My profiles can be found here –




My portfolio is also steadily building with 3d models and improvements can be seen over time.

Here are some of my more complex year 2 models.


Compared to the models I have made in year 1.

space station 2high quality helmet renderfloor buffer side view 2

If I were to analyse my work using the SWOT method, I would say that my strengths are –

  • Being able to model fairly complex models
  • I can also create rapid iterations at a fast speed. Such as the tram for example, which took me a day or 2 to get the overall shape and a good amount of the inside modeled.

Weakness –

  • Procrastinating is definitely a big one for me, with me easily loosing focus.
  • My texturing also needs big improvements, especially with physically based rendering techniques.
  • Be more meticulous. Of course it depends on poly limits and other variables, but I tend to miss out some finer details in my models which I wish I included.

Opportunities –

  • The best opportunities right now are the freelance websites out there with real work that needs to be done, not only is it great experience but it would be extremely beneficial to my portfolio whilst also possibly earring some money.
  •  Using sketch fab and other websites to get my name out there and possibly noticed.
  • Carry on making models, which will in turn allow for a gradual improvement in my work. Same goes for texturing.

Threats –

  • Comparing my work to others, which then demotivates me when I see mine. Instead, I need to stop comparing and just focus on the work I am doing.
  •  Motivation and drive. My work ethic needs improvement with some days being more productive than others.



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