Ship development

For my game I have continued working on multiple ships to experiment with, from animating to aesthetics and looks. I am still unsure what my main ship will be, but I have a few basic foundations for them in which I can continue to improve, develop and texture. Here are a few now which are in progress –





ship-7This ship I thought I would try and create in Maya, in order to better understand the software.

Here are some development shots –


Maya does not have a modifiers list unlike 3ds max, which means that finding the equivalent to say, ffd, can require a bit of digging around.

screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-22-06-52screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-11-20-09Another thing I had to do after this was inset, which is also not a setting within Maya, but can be achieved but offsetting an extrude.


At this current time I have been working on this ship, which, as you can tell has more detail than the others and I believe that is what the others lack at the moment. I have been struggling to model a ship that has a unique look and a adequate amount of detail for a mobile game, or how much detail should be on there(due to poly constraints). But I have found I have been going into 3ds max with a blank template and not knowing where to start, or what shape to make. A lack of drawings has part to do with this, though I have tried drawing they lack a clear vision and style. Still there is no other way around it but to carry on, improve on drawing and look and search for inspiration on ships.

Here is the latest ship which I decided to animate, in order to give it a bit more life and detail.





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