Tram Development

For our heritage project I decided to have a go at modelling a tram as they were very prevalent during 1930’s era in Victoria square and around the city. Due to them moving through the square, we could make it accessible to the player to jump on and off in order to quickly traverse the environment. This however, means that the model will need to be highly detailed and properly to scale as the player will be of course, getting  close to the tram and on and off it.


start shape.JPGMy first step was to get the shape of the tram, which I achieved by curving the front and back, then chamfering the edges. I also insetted where the windows would go.


tram1After this I created the roof, along with detaching the 2nd and 1st floor in order to get a more modular approach. This was important for me to get right, as trying to model the tram as a whole without much modularity would have been very difficult. By working with a method like this it allows me to break down the model into pieces which are more understandable.

windowsFrom here I started to implement the windows closely following the photos I took from the Transport museum.

making-chairsI also started to model parts of the inside such as the chairs.

open-subdivideFor the seat I used open sub divide in order to create a more smoother look without creating more polys.

testing-tram-scale-was-a-little-offI then imported the model into Unreal to see if the scale I had was generally correct which for the most part it was, but needed to be slightly bigger.

tram-doorwayYou can see the door here is just a bit too small for the player.

rescalingI then went back into 3ds max and started to rescale.

upstairsHere I started to implement seating to the upstairs area.

ffd-railingAlong with stairs and bars which go up to the 2nd floor. You can also see I used FFD in order to bend the bars in order to curve them around.

stairwell-mirrorAfter creating the stairwell I mirrored it to the other side.

Here are some development renders up to now of the progress.


Up to now the development is going okay but I have quickly realized that I need a lot more reference photos, so my plan is to go back to the transport museum and gather more. I also need to focus on the bottom of the tram along with the inside as the detail is lacking at this point in time.


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