Kiosk client task

For our Easter egg task we had to design a kiosk based on the concept art of an image, made by Doug Chiang



Due to it being stars wars concept art, I also looked into different ship interiors within that universe to get the overall style they had. Along with looking further into Doug Chiangs work. I then created some drawings of a kiosk within this setting, in order to get an idea of what the model would look like. I picked up from the concept image that there was a mechanic sense to it, how you could see some wires, pipes and even the chairs and how they looked like they could move. But as it moves you could see it working from the pipes and suspension like pipes at the front. So I tried to draw around this concept, with wires and moving parts.

Due to the time limit being 2-5, I rather naively only got one development screen shot due to time constraints.


I did not manage to finish the whole kiosk however, they were still things I would have liked to add such as more buttons to the board, along with possibly a monitor/screen of some kind. The chair also needs finishing but of course this isn’t a priority, but even so here are some renders of what it looks like currently.


Overall I think the project went okay but I did miss the deadline which was 5. The model also possibly looks a little old/retro and has got to much of a steam punk vibe to fit into the ship,  with the incorporation of some more streamlined aesthetics and some kind of monitor I believe it could possibly make it look a bit more futuristic.


Concept art image  –



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