Building update for Unreal

Our newest file for unreal would not load so we had to revert to an older save, luckily nothing was lost aside from half of my building which I constructed with a modular workflow. So for the majority of today I have been constructing my building getting a large part of it done. Though, I have seen a few issues which can be very noticeable and need fixing.

Gap in window Unreal.PNGOne issue you can see here, is the gap between the plane and the frame. For this particular window I grouped them all together, but it could have been resolved quickly if they were separated.


A small white line is visible on the side of the building. For this I need to adjust the UV map slightly.

Roof Tiles to big.PNG

Roof tiles look slightly to big which can be easily resolved in 3ds. Along with this my brick texture is inconsistent throughout for example, my tower has larger bricks compared to the brick on the buildings on the east and south. This could have been avoided with more carful planing in 3ds max as I was unwrapping different parts of the building.

gaps-in-top-towerGaps can be seen on the top of the tower. Whilst not too much of an issue from the ground playing the game, a fly over for a showcase may make it more noticeable. The four walls which go around the triangular sections are grouped as one, so I will import them again separately giving me more control over their position.


These are the latest issues I am going to fix along in the upcoming days and then see how it looks from there. I have also made a brick texture and I would like some of the other textures to be my own, so I will keep on the lookout for stone, door and possibly roof textures. Here is how the building looks currently –





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