Ship design

Today I have just been working on some simple ship models for my Planet Hopper game. I made a couple of sketches of some ship ideas I had, but also planned some animations the ships could make.



Here is a basic ship I modeled earlier which I also practiced animating.


I went with a more exaggerated and overemphasized design with the hopes of it being more interesting to look at, rather than a more typical ship.  I do plan on having more than one ship however, so I want each ship to be varied and extremely different from one another whilst also being in the same size footprint.


Most importantly is the top down render which is what it will look like in game, so I need to consider making the design interesting from this view rather than a more typical 3rd person view.


Whilst animating is not on my top prioty for the game, I did want to give it ago to see how it would look. I think with a couple of interesting designs which could have the ship transform, along with a few moving parts could look pretty good. The only time the player would see these is when they are at some kind of ship hub, which allows them to go through the ships they have unlocked, so giving them an animation will allow the ships to have a bit more life and personality rather than being just a stale static object.

ship back render.gifship-animation1

I have also started to design a second ship to as you can see below.


For now the plan is to start designing and modelling a few different ships, then from there iterate on them and start selecting the ones I like. Then focus on animating.


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