Early Unreal prototype

Thanks to Shane helping me code my game in Unreal, I am able to progress and get a very early prototype for Planet Hopper. I am also transitioning from 2d to 3d which will look more immersive and hopefully allow me to develop my 3d skills further. So I need to start thinking about some 3d ship design and textures for the planets.

As you can see from the gif below, the ship is represented by the cubes and can be attached if you go inside the collision of the planet. To jump the current button is “P” which will detach it and shoot it off in the direction it is facing. I need to start experimenting with the settings in order to get the speed right as the ship moves though the space, as currently it is looking at little slow.


You can also see that as the ship attaches to another planet it offsets depending on where it hits, which means that sometimes it does not entirely line up with the planet. I set up the camera to track the ship but as it collides the camera spins with the ship, I will need to change this so the camera lines up with the planet, then move as the ship launches so it does not create any disorientation.


I also made a long shot gif so you can see it working without the dizziness.

PlanetHopper long shot gif.gif


The next step is to start tweaking some settings in unreal and sort out the problems I mentioned above. I am also going to start designing some ships in 3ds max and then start iterating on there designs, but also potentially implement a ship selector in game or possibly an unlock system, allowing you to get different designs. However, I will most likely keep them all the same speed and handling with no extra mechanics for consistency to keep it on a pure skill base level. This also means the ships will have to be around the same size, so it does not make it easier for a big ship to collide with the collision.






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