Using SpeedTree

For our heritage project we will need to implement trees into our environment in order for it to look realistic, so I decided to learn SpeedTree now in order to get the hang of it now for when we need to use it.

Speed tree.JPG

When the program opens it starts like this, of course I was unsure what to do so I followed a tutorial.

Adding a standard tree.JPG

From here you can right click and go onto add geometry were you are greeted with a wealth of options. I clicked on trunks and selected one of the options, which then creates the mesh which you can see in the screen shot.

adding branches.JPG

From here I clicked on the trunk and right clicked in order to go to the branches screen in order to add it to the trunk.

tree textured.JPG

I then added a texture using one of SpeedTrees own which can be found in there folder, to do this you go to the top right and click the plus button in order to add materials.

adding texture.JPG


One thing you may notice is how the ends are uncapped which can be resolved with a cap texture.


Which I added here.

Camera facing leaves.JPG

I then added leaves with these being camera facing.

Leaves textuure.JPG

Then I added a leaves texture using the same method as before.

editing generator properties.JPG

Another thing to note is how you can edit specific areas of the tree by clicking on the generator in the bottom right.

editing-tree-using-generationOnce clicked you edit with a plethora of options on the left side, changing things such as scale, spread, offset and so on.


Overall for a first look I am extremely impressed at the speed and versatility the program offers and I can see why so many developers use this program, I will no doubt be using it for the heritage project in order to efficiently create varied trees. I once created a tree in 3ds max which took a considerable while longer than SpeedTree, so it would make sense to use this from now on.


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