Building update

I have nearly finished texturing my building with only a double door left to texture, the textures are royalty free however so I am going to go out and source my own as I locate some buildings that resemble the textures of mine.

I have noticed a problem with my poly count with it being just over 77000, which I new the building should not be anywhere near that amount. I did locate the issue and it turns out that it was the text for the side of the building. You can see after I delete them both that the polys reduce to 15000.


Since I will not be importing the text I will create it in Unreal instead.

I also learnt how to use alpha maps which helps to reduce a considerable amount of polys. You can see by the below image that I have individually created each of these little post which are using more polys than needed.


By putting a plane here and created a alpha map I have saved a fair few polys.


Here you can see the alpha map in effect with the one plane looking like many of the post, they do have a lack of detail but due to them being at the top of the building it should not matter to the player on the ground.

Alpha detal.JPG

I have also been more efficient with my texture atlas compared to my previous one, but there is still room for improvement here with space being used more than it needs to be for the textures. I could cut the texture around a uv wrap render to remedy this.

atlas 4.jpg


Here are a few renders of the building as it is now.


I have also started to export my building into unreal in modular chunks to make it more efficient in engine. It does this by rendering one of that object instead of them all individually. So take a window for example, that window that I import and duplicate in unreal will only be rendered once as it just references the original.

Here is part of my building in unreal. It is worth noting that these are not pbr textures yet.


My next task is to finish importing and building in unreal to give me an idea of how it looks, then I need to find some good textures that will look right for my building, which I then need to make into PBR. I also may need to rebuild the arched doorway as I am not entirely happy with it, but luckily there is a building that has an arched doorway just like it I can reference from which Gareth kindly mentioned, So I am going to location scout that and take a few reference photos.



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