Radial gravity and game development

My previous blog post I explained that I was switching to unreal in order to figure out how to get the mechanic working, but that did not work quite as planned I managed to get the ship to rotate around the planet but not much further.



I experimented with blueprints and a few other methods to no avail.

Unreal rotation gif.gif

I ended up with this which I could not progress from.


But I did manage to get radial gravity working which I am happy about, this opens up a few possibilities game play wise. It was not my original intention but my game could work with this, my only concern is the controls and feel won’t be as responsive and may not achieve the desired effect I am looking for. Still it is a step forward and I am optimistic about the implementation.

I also started drawing some sketches to figure out how to incorporate the mechanic if it was to go in.


Here I thought of having the ship having a start momentum and using the boosters and gravity in order to propel them, if they miss a booster and don’t use gravity correctly then they will come to a stop. The aim is to see how far you get.




This idea is more aligned with my original idea where the ship hops from planet to planet, but just has the incorporation of radial gravity. This means that they could miss a planet but potentially sling shot around and hit another one, or like on the right as you can see use some kinda of booster in order to come back into the gravity radius. If this was implemented it would have to be limited so it does not make the game to easy, which is why I put a boost bar in the top right. This would charge over time and allow the player to boost left or right giving just enough propulsion to make a meaningful on the trajectory.



Here I thought of potentially having the planets have a timer which counts down the time until it explodes (could be different depending on the planet). Just to give the player an urgency to jump/hop.




This is a separate idea entirely, but it could have the player jumping between the four planets with the intention of defending them. The percentage shows the health and the player has to monitor and jump to them in order to protect them. The ship would rotate around the planet(the player has control going left or right) and then a jump and a shoot button would need to be but in place. This could also incorporate a gravity aspect as astroids, ships and lasers could potentially be affected. I would want the game sessions to be quick and the aim is to survive as long as possible. Whilst the game might not become fully realised I like the concept and it would be good to look into.



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