Planet Hopper update

After moving engines from Stencyl to Gamemaker, then back and forth in order to figure out how to implement my idea, I ended up changing my idea to what you saw here. Or by changing I mean I was in the process of coming up with something new. However, my lecturer wants me to pursue my original idea which I am somewhat happy about because I do very much like the concept, but I do feel like I am not progressing fast enough with the development. He also manged to create the concept in Unreal so I know it is achievable, so I am switching to unreal in the hopes of creating the game.

Up to now I am getting to grips with how the sprite system works in Unreal having never used it before.




Here I implemented the source sprite.



For this I attached the spring arm to the camera in order to connect them.



For this I changed the rotation in order to get the top down angle.


For this I was experimenting with the tilesets, but I still need to get the hang of collisions  and the layer system.



Here I could control the ship and the camera followed.

Up to now small progress has been made but it’s progress nontheless, but now I need to start looking into how I can change the controls so the ship shoots of in the direction it is facing. Along with having the ship rotate around a point which it can break free from. Potentially using a spring arm maybe? I am unsure for now but it’s something that I’ll try.


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