Texture process progress

Over the past few days I have been working on texturing my building, trying to get to grips with texture atlases in order to make the textures more efficient.

In order to create a texture atlas you have to render the uv template out and put it into Photoshop, which from there you can overlay a texture onto it. As long as your texture is covering those coordinates they should be no issue with your texture. You can also go back into the uv unwrap in order to move or scale the texture is something is looking wrong.






texture atlas1.1.jpg

I originally started working like this, putting a texture over the UV map but I quickly learnt this was an inefficient method. It not only looks messy but uses significant more space than using one area for one texture. You can see I have a couple of the same brick textures laid out over certain bits, which is not the most efficient way.


atlas 3.jpg

My current texture atlas looks like this. I’m still learning as I go along but I would say that this could be more efficient to,  with more order and organisation needed, also possibly putting each next to each other to save as much space as possible. Still a big improvement over the first nevertheless. Another thing to note is that when you are uv wrapping, you put the wrap in the area of the texture you want(as long as it is already on there) which is what I was doing wrong the first time. Putting them in different places rather than just putting them in the same area.

Another part of my problem is textures, due to my building not existing anymore it has been a problem trying to identify what the building actually looked like in this regard. What brick formation was it?  Colour? worn down? amongst other questions have been an issue. The black and white photos do not give to much away but going by research the building was of high quality, which suggest that it would have been well maintained and rather clean on the outside. It does give me some leeway in how I can make it look but still, I would rather honour and make it look as close as I can get it to how it originally looked.


Here are a few textures I have been experimenting with, trying to see what matches and what does not. The first two were not great… It is also worth noting that these are not PBR textures yet.


These were slightly better than the previous but still looked a little off.


This is what I am currently using which I think look a little to modern for the building.


I also started to change the colour for the texture of the tower, but I am still not sure on this either.


Here is my progress up to now. Whilst the textures are not the best it is good to see some progress on my building and allows me to see what needs adding in regards to details that may have been missed, not only that but the development of my texture atlas skills which will indeed become very valuable for this and future projects.





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