Console games game theory

Dirt 3 –

Dirt 3 is a rally/racing game which will attract players such as achievers, Ilinx, agon, sensation and challenge. As I played I quickly found that one of the modes has a timed rally mode which encourages player to get the best time, so when the score is uploaded to that track to all their friends it motivates there friends to play that track to beat your time. Of course competition ties into this to, due to players competing for the best time, but also other modes such as racing also are competitive. Disorientation plays a part as the play flies high speed down the track with motion bur to give the feeling of speed, creating an exhilarating experience. This ties into sensation with the trill of speed and the look of the track, cars and graphics in general creating an immersive experience. Flow takes place with players trying to learn the tracks, trying to control the car drifting around tight corners and managing their speed. It also demands high concentration due to the speed of the cars and tracks which means that you cannot really think about anything else for me anyway.


Call of duty Modern warfare 3

Modern warfare 3 incorporates killer first and foremost, with the aim of the mode to kill the players until one player gets the set score on free for all. Agon is a big part of this with all players competing in trying to come first to show who is best. For me this game easily gets me in the flow due to its fast pace, need for concentration, accuracy and fast reactions which immerses me. Pair that with the competitive element and I find I could play it for hours.


Street fighter 4

Street fighter is a competitive game which is based on skill or in my case chance – button mashing hoping I could win. Which was not the case, but I did find flow with its fast pace and need for quick reactions. There is a learning curve to find what character is best for different types of player and what buttons each of them do, but this motivates me to play more and learn all of them. So there is a sense of discovery in this fashion, trying to find the best combos for each different character. Challenge is here also with different player’s skill levels clashing with both hoping to win, needless to say it also attracts killer players.


Battlefield 1

Battlefield is a game which like many first person shooters easily allows me to find the flow. Everything in this game demands your attention from the bullets whirring past, to a player needing a medic to be healed. A massive blimp flying in from the enemy team posing a huge threat or a tank that has just smashed through a wall breaching our team’s defences. With events such as these I can easily lose track of time. It also caters to different types of players, with roles such as a medic or sniper which gives the game greater diversity and possibly a larger audience. Acting on players is the main part of this game which means that this applies to Richard Bartles killer. Sensation comes into play with its immersive graphics and incredible sound design.



Skyrim –

Skrim gives the player freedom to explore and create their own adventures in this world in this non-linear world.  It attracts players who like to explore and interact with the world, discovering new locations, shops, weapons, people and quests. Its biggest strength is the freedom the player has, you can follow the main quest and go with its narrative, or you can ignore it entirely. The game incorporates Marc Leblanc’s fantasy, sensation, discovery, challenge and narrative. Sensation comes from the scope of the world and towns being believable with A.I working at shops or being blacksmiths. Fantasy, again with the world and the enemies/monsters within it, such as dragons or magic. challenge with different levels of enemies against your own character level, can make certain areas harder or easier relatively. Expression also comes into play with you able to define who your character is by your actions in the world and the choices you make, but also how you make them look and play too. This also ties into Roger Caillois mimicry giving the player freedom to project themselves onto their character. I find the flow in this game largely due to the discovery element, finding new places and towns which keeps me wondering for hours at a time trying to find everything the world has to offer.



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Dirt 3 -

Modern warefare 3 –

Street fighter 4 –

Battlefield 1 –

Skyrim –




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