Interactive environment ideas

For our heritage project we not only need to create the environment realistically, but also make it entertaining and fun for the players. To do this we need to find an idea which will make sense in the context of the environment and time, whilst also providing an experience which will profoundly impact the player. Up to now we have decided on going with a crime related mystery within the square which involves possibly finding clues in order to unravel the mystery. We have not determined who the main character is or who could be, for example, he could be a police officer who’s goal it is is to find the murder and determine who did it. Or possibly you could be the killer and you have to hide from the police in the square. We have determined that the square will have a dark, gloomy look with fog rolling through and rain throughout. One issue with this however, is for the public that just want to see the square recreated in the 1930’s will have the problem with fog, rain and possibly color grading due to it being harder to see the buildings, architecture and details. Counter to that it will look immersive, atmospheric and go well with this theme if we chose to go with it.


Back to the idea however we need to determine whether the idea we have will be fun and entertaining enough for people to immerse themselves in. I feel like it may need more than go from point A,B,C in order for the player to be entertained. We are also limited by time, which means that we are probably limited to an outside environment rather than being able to go into buildings which does limit this concept severely. The prudential tower has an interesting cafe underneath the tower, which I would love to make if I have the time as  I feel like this would be a great location for clues or a crime scene. Still I need to be careful not to get to ahead of myself as there are many assets and textures which need to be created/made before even considering something like this. If we go with the crime scene idea each point or area needs to have something different to keep it varied, such as A having a note with a clue. B possibly following a blood trail, to point C from here possibly something scripted such as a noise? or maybe this is the point when it starts to rain.

To conclude, we are still in early days with this idea and it is clear to me giving it some thought that we need to generate more ideas around this concept. Even so I remain confident that we will generate an idea that will entertain the player.



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