Game update 3

Following on from my game idea I have started to create different levels/rooms within game maker, as you approach the left/right side it takes you to another room which will have it’s own set of obstacles and challenges. For now I have created three rooms with not a whole lot in them, but I plan on implementing and adding as time goes on. I am still unsure as to whether I should have the game set out as level 1,2,3 Etc. Or maybe have a bunch of areas which when completed, you move onto the next stage. One good example of this is The Binding of Isaac. The game is a rouge like which means that when you die you have to start from the beginning, this of course makes it extremely hard to complete and certainly appeals to those who like a challenge. The game also has rooms, which you have to explore and kill all the enemies in order to move to the next room whilst trying to find the boss room, once found and killed you can move onto the next stage. So I am going to experiment with this concept and see where it takes me. Up to now however I still need to work on moving between rooms seamlessly, as when I go back to previous rooms it can sometimes take me to the wrong room. From there I may make rooms which can be entered from the top and the bottom of the screen and then a boss room which then allows the player to move onto the next area.
rooms gif.gif
 Here is the ship moving between rooms

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