Update 2

After practicing some more with game maker I have managed to create some controls which allows the ship to control as if it where in a zero g environment, with the feeling of it drifting and minimal drag to slow down. I also have managed to get the enemy ships(the triangle placeholders)  to follow the player when they get close to them.


Still very early progress and as you can tell it is somewhat different from my original idea due to the limitations of my knowledge with coding, however this idea gives me more flexibility in what I can do allowing for greater variety in game play. At the moment I am considering an arcady ship game which could have platform elements where the ship may dock or crash into say something like a space station, which then the player has to fight through avoiding obstacles and drops in order to progress to the next level. Then from there potentially get back into a space segment with ship combat to keep the pace.


Here is some of the coding required –


coding so enemy follows.JPG

This code makes the enemy follow you from a set range.

coding enemy hp.JPG

Enemy hp.

enemy destroy.JPG

Code that destroys enemy.



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